Nigel welcomes the acceptance of RVBC's Core Strategy

Nigel has welcomed the recent announcement that Ribble Valley Borough Council’s Core Strategy has been accepted as sound by the Government Inspector. The Core Strategy is a document whose purpose is to establish the vision, objectives and principles that will guide development in the Ribble Valley up to 2028. It will set how many new houses are needed in the area in that period, and where they may be built. 

Speaking from Westminster this morning Mr Evans said, “I am delighted that the Core Strategy has been approved and that its implementation will bring the certainty to the planning process that the people of the Ribble Valley need and want. I do think that the process of approval has taken too long, through no fault of the local authority, but this is still welcome news. This document will finally enable the council to say no to developments that do not fit with the vision outlined in the Core Strategy and that the presumption will no longer be in favour of approval of applications.