Nigel praised tax cuts announced by the PM

Nigel today praised tax cuts announced by the Prime Minister in his speech to Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. In his speech the Prime Minister pledged that the next Conservative Government would raise the personal tax allowance to £12,500 and that the 40p income tax threshold would be raised from £41,900 to £50,000. 

Speaking after David Cameron’s speech Mr Evans said, “The measures announced today by the Prime Minister will make a real difference to people’s lives, not just in the Ribble Valley but nationally. 

The raising of the personal allowance will take 1 million people out of tax altogether and give a tax cut to 30 million more. It will now be the case that someone working 30 hours a week on minimum wage will pay no tax whatsoever. This is the real way to improve people’s living standards, rather than gimmicks on energy prices or indeed the politics of envy. 

This Government took office in 2010 with the country on the brink of economic ruin and over the past 4 years the task has been to save the economy. The Conservatives long-term economic plan is working and has given Britain the fastest growing economy in the G7. I agree with the Prime Minister that the task of the next Parliament will be to help people get on and in my opinion the best way of achieving this is for people to be able to keep more of their own money.”