Nigel Evans Welcomes News That South Ribble and Ribble Valley are Best Places to Live in Your Twenties

Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley, has welcomed the fact that South Ribble has been named the winner of Channel 4's the Best Place to Live. The Ribble Valley was chosen as the sixth most desirable place to live in the country.

The borough of South Ribble, parts of which are within the Ribble Valley constituency, was picked as the best place in the country for people in their twenties to settle down in. Many of the top picks were in the North West with the Ribble Valley ranking very highly. Both boroughs were picked due to their relatively low house prices, good job availability, and the high quality of life and happiness. This is not to mention the access to major cities like Manchester and Liverpool.

Mr Evans had this to say:

“This competition just confirms what we in The Ribble Valley and South Ribble already knew. Our area is fantastic not just for its scenery but also for the opportunities which are available. I am proud to represent the area and I know very well that places within the borough of South Ribble, such as Leyland, are excellent areas for jobs.

“The Ribble Valley is much the same when it comes to jobs, with only one percent of the economically active population being unemployed; one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

“Not only this, but the variety of shops and restaurants is immense! It was recently announced that the Ribble Valley has five of the top fifty gastro pubs in the UK.”

10,677 new jobs were created in South Ribble between 2004 and 2012 which is around the same number Manchester and Liverpool combined.