Nigel Evans calls on PCTs to consider Epilepsy Action’s report

Nigel Evans, Member of Parliament for the Ribble Valley and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, is today calling on Central and East Lancashire PCTs to consider a report by Epilepsy Action.

The report, A Critical Time for epilepsy in England, surveyed PCTs, acute trusts, local authorities and people with epilepsy in England between April and September 2012.

Speaking from Westminster said:

“One in one hundred and five people in England have epilepsy and this report suggests that some patients with epilepsy are being left in a system where their needs are never identified or addressed and unscheduled care is commonplace.

“What seems to be crucial is access to specialist services and care for everybody who has epilepsy. We must put care structures in place that properly address the needs of people with epilepsy.

“I have written to Central and East Lancashire PCTs and asked them for their response to this report to ensure that people with epilepsy in the Ribble Valley receive the best possible support.”