Nigel Evans Calls For a Bigger Police Presence in Longridge

Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley, has called on Lancashire Constabulary to provide a greater level of police on the beat in Longridge, as well as other rural areas of the Ribble Valley.

There has recently been a significant number of incidents of gangs of youths in Longridge which warranted police to be called. However, by the time the Police have arrived, the groups have already gone.

Mr Evans said,

“This is a perfect example of the issue that residents of the Ribble Valley have to face where money is paid greatly above the average towards their council tax and other forms of taxation, but receive subpar levels of service.

“We, in the Ribble Valley, contribute a great deal financially but when the time comes – whether it is police, buses, libraries or children’s centres – we are not afforded the same level of service that is given to people in other areas. It is simply unjust!”

Mr Evans has spoken to Lancashire Constabulary’s Chief Constable, Steve Finnigan, to raise this concern and to make sure rural towns such as Longridge have the appropriate level of security before it is too late.

Nigel continued,

“We do not want to be in a situation where a police presence is desperately needed immediately only to find that this is not possible. Someone could be hurt as a consequence.”

This comes on the heels of Nigel Evans’ campaign for public spending within the Ribble Valley to be fairer and more in line with the contributions of its residents.