Nigel Evans Asks Theresa May to work with Donald Trump for International Trade

Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley, has today called on the Prime Minister, Theresa May MP, to work alongside Donald Trump to improve US-UK trade relations. The election of Trump as President of the USA may provide a unique opportunity for international trade between the two countries.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Question Time, Nigel asked the Prime Minister:

“During the general election in the United States, President-Elect Trump stated that Britain shouldn’t be at the back of any trade queue but should be at the front of any trade queue. Now he is elected President, what action will her government take to ensure that the already very good trading conditions between the USA and UK further improve?”

Theresa May agreed with Mr Evans’ view of the special relationship saying that he was “absolutely right”. She responded saying that the UK should make this a goal and trade is something which she hopes to discuss with Trump at a very early stage.

Nigel, who has recently been elected as the Vice-Chairman of the International Trade Select Committee, hailed this as good news after PMQs. In his role with the committee, Mr Evans is keen to make sure that the best possible deals are made with non-EU nations. Furthermore, it is important that these deals are not London-centric, but are beneficial to regional parts of the UK. He had to say:

“This is a golden opportunity for the Northern Powerhouse to share in improved trade between our two countries. The Northern economy in advanced industries is growing very strongly and these are the exact products and services which we should seek to import to the US more.

“This is not just military technology, such as those produced at BAE Systems, but other highly developed trades like industrial ultrasonics. These are desirable services and products which could thrive under a good trade deal with the US. Donald Trump loves the UK and so I see no reason why the special relationship cannot be improved.”

The UK currently has a trade surplus with the US and Nigel hopes that can be built upon during the next US administration. A number of economists believe that this trade surplus gives the UK very good leverage in negotiations. This is not the case with the EU where the UK has a trade deficit.