Nigel Evans Applies to Return as Conservative MP for the Ribble Valley

Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley, has written to the Chair of the Ribble Valley Conservative Association, Councillor Peter Mullineaux, applying to be readopted as the Conservative Party candidate for the Ribble Valley in the June 2017 General Election.

Mr Evans has been the MP for the Ribble Valley for the past twenty-five years – a job which he has relished.

Speaking about the election, Nigel said:

“Over the past twenty-five years I’ve learnt a great deal about being an MP and a huge amount about the Ribble Valley and its people. I love representing our community in Parliament and I hope to continue to after June 8th.

“I am hugely proud of the achievements this government has made over the past two years. As of this month, the government will have cut income tax for 31 million people. A typical basic rate taxpayer is paying over £1,000 less income tax than in 2010 and another 1.3 million of the lowest paid have been taken out of tax altogether. What is more, nearly 1.8 million more pupils are being educated in good or outstanding schools since 2010.

“I am particularly thrilled with the leadership of Theresa May – under the Prime Minister’s management we have a strong Conservative government and I want to see it become stronger. With a mandate from the people, Theresa May will be perfectly positioned for the post-Brexit negotiations and deliver on the result of the EU referendum.

“The Ribble Valley, along with every other constituency of Lancashire, voted in the majority to leave the EU. A Conservative government is necessary to bring this about and give the people of the Ribble Valley what they voted for.

“When the public sits down on the 8th of June, they are going to think about who they would rather see walking through the door at No 10; who would they rather see negotiating exit terms with the EU; who would they rather see leading this country. Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn? I think the answer to that question will be Theresa May.”

Mr Evans is ready to fight the election, and to continue to represent the people of the Ribble Valley. On the year of his 25th anniversary of first being elected MP for the Ribble Valley, Nigel will be campaigning once again for Parliament.