Nigel Evans announces Summer Surgery 2016

From Monday the 15th August until Saturday the 20th Nigel Evans MP will be conducting his 25th Annual Summer Surgery, where he travels around the entire constituency, enabling him to meet as many constituents as possible.

Constituents can turn up to any of the locations appointment free to see Nigel and his team, from both the Clitheroe and London Offices.

Nigel is looking forward to the surgery, saying “The Ribble Valley is a large constituency, and travelling around it all shows that everybody’s voice no matter where you are from is listened too, is valued, and can make a difference.

“I always enjoy meeting my constituents, the Ribble Valley has such a fantastic range of individuals, and I can’t wait to hear from them”.

 If you want to come and meet Nigel at one of his stops, check the timetable or map below to see where he will be each day.


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