Nigel is delighted to be elected to 1922 Committee

Nigel was today elected unopposed to the Executive of the 1922 Committee. 

The 1922 Committee, also known as "the 22", is a committee of backbench Conservative MPs. Formed after the 1922 general election, the committee allows the leadership and the backbenches of the Conservative Party to keep in touch with each other's opinions and is considered very influential in Parliament. 

Speaking from Westminster, Nigel said:

"I am honoured to have been elected to the 1922 Committee. My colleagues have given me a great responsibility towards the direction of the Conservative Party and I intend to represent the views of the hard working Tory backbench MPs whose views represent the views of hundreds of thousands of Conservative voters across the UK.  

This is such a vital time for the Party as we go into the last 12 months before the elections.  It is also right that we get the message across to hard working families, in marginal seats, that we are backing them.  We must do this if we are to form a government in our own right without a coalition."