Nigel against the actions of SNP MPs voting on Fox Hunting

Today Nigel spoke out against the actions of SNP MPs, who were to break with convention and vote in Parliament on an issue effecting England only.

MPs were to have voted to amend the current legislation on Fox Hunting, bringing Scottish and English legislation in line with each other. However, despite repeatedly pledging that they would not vote on English only legislation.

Speaking from Westminster Mr Evans said,

“It is clear now that the Government must continue in its policy to introduce English votes for English laws. I and other English, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs cannot vote on matters effecting Scotland only because they are rightly devolved to the Scottish Parliament. However, today has shown that despite claims to the contrary the SNP are able and willing to vote on matters effecting England only. 

Whatever your position on the Hunting Act, it should be right that this issue is decided only by the elected representatives of the people over whom the law would be in place. I am therefore firmly of the belief that the events of today will bring further support for the Government’s proposals on English votes for English laws.”