Summer Surgery 2016

From Monday the 15th August until Saturday the 20th Nigel Evans MP will be conducting his 25th Annual Summer Surgery, where he travels around the entire constituency, enabling him to meet as many constituents as possible.Constituents can turn up to any of the locations appointment free to see Nigel and his team, from both the Clitheroe and London Offices.

Keeping unemployment down

The rate of unemployment in Ribble Valley is just 1%. That puts it in the top 10% of constituencies for low unemployment and demonstrates the success of local businesses in our area.Nationally there are 1.9 million more people in work since 2010 and 760,000 more businesses. That’s 1.9 million more people with the security of a regular pay packet and means that Britain is creating jobs faster than any other developed country. 

Keeping taxes low

I firmly believe in low taxes. They incentivise businesses and allow individuals to keep more of their own money and spend it as they choose rather than it be spent as the state sees fit. 

Commitment to a European Referendum

I firmly believe the people of Ribble Valley should be given a vote on whether this country remains a part of the EU. The last time the British people were consulted on our relationship with the EU was in 1975, since then our relationship with Europe has fundamentally changed and it is high time that they were consulted again.

A Fair Deal for Dairy Farmers

Ribble Valley is a rural constituency where agriculture plays an important part in the local economy, not only providing jobs but also continuing tradional communities where some families have farmed the same land for hundreds of years.

Access to Rural Public Services

Public services are important to everyone, but in rural areas they take on a particular significance. In outlying villages doctors surgeries are further apart and often elderly residents face challenging journeys if current services close.