Whalley Arms Car Park - charges too high

This week Nigel met with Ribble Valley Borough Councillors Terry Hill and Joyce Holgate MBE in Whalley to discuss parking charges and fines at the Whalley Arms Car Park. Mr Evans was made aware of the problem after Councillors Hill and Holgate received a number of complaints from residents at the high charges, fines and lack of flexibility at the village centre car park.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Evans said, “It is my intention to table an Early Day Motion on my return to Westminster on how privately run car parks are able to charge exorbitant fines that are totally out of step with the charges for use. Elsewhere in Ribble Valley there are local authority run car parks where fines are at a much more appropriate level and I see no reason why privately run car parks should be any different. 

This car park has been a problem for residents and visitors to Whalley for some time and it is absolutely necessary that the Government looks into the issue of high car park charges, as many motorists are paying high parking charges and sometimes being fined amounts that are not in keeping with the charges.”