Real hope for future of Slaidburn Country Practice

Nigel Evans, Member of Parliament for the Ribble Valley, today brought representatives of Slaidburn Country Practice to meet Rosamond Roughton, the National Director for Commissioning Development at NHS England, in order to discuss a potential solution to the funding problems that the practice faces because of the phased withdrawal of the Minimum Practice Income Guarantee (MPIG).

Speaking from Westminster, Mr Evans said:

“I thought that the meeting was an incredibly positive one and I am very grateful to Rosamond for taking the time to meet with us. I thought that she understood the needs of rural communities and also understood the incredible service that all those involved in Slaidburn Country Practice provide for residents in the surrounding area. I am pleased that we all had the opportunity to put across the importance of the practice and the difficulties that it is facing.

“I believe that we can find a short and long term solution for Slaidburn Country Practice. Mrs Roughton listened attentively to our concerns and I hope that NHS England will be able to offer a  potential solution to the funding problem before the end of the year. I will continue to fight to ensure that the needs of the residents of Slaidburn, Newton-in-Bowland, Dunsop Bridge and Tosside are not forgotten and that Slaidburn Country Practice carries on offering the wonderful service that residents currently enjoy.

“We presented Mrs Roughton with the petition to save the practice that has been signed by about three thousand people. That is truly a testament of the esteem in which the practice is held and I am sure that the point was not lost on Rosamond.”