A once in a lifetime chance to save our country- Vote Leave on Thursday

Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley, has called for people to vote to leave the EU on the 23rd June.

Speaking from Westminster, Nigel said,

"In the final days and hours of the referendum I wanted to share my views on why I am voting to leave the EU.

"I love Europe and visit France and other European countries on a regular basis. I am a member of the Council of Europe which involves 47 European countries. I want to leave a political entity which is fast morphing into a United States of Europe. It is a far shout from the common market we joined in 1973.

"They have a passport, flag, anthem, currency, Government and Parliament (2, one which cannot initiate legislation), President and we have to ask them if we want to do something simple like remove vat on sanitary towels or fuel. They have embassies around the world with their own Ambassadors and they want their own army too!

"Anyone who thinks that voting to remain is staying in some sort of status quo are wrong. The French finance Minister today is quoted as France taking the lead in the EU if we stay or go. The project continues.

"The main tenets of the argument are this:

"Saving £10 billion a year to spend on UK priorities like the NHS and other vital public services.

"Taking control of 100% of our legislation and not having 60% made in Brussels.

"Taking control of our borders. Will Turkey join? Well, they have an open application which the EU has said will be “energised” following their deal on Syrian migrants. The PM pointedly refused to use the veto word three times when asked in relation to Turkey’s application. There is only one sure way to vote to make sure it never impacts on us and that is to vote Leave.

"Jeremy Corbyn admitted staying in the EU means we cannot control the numbers coming in the UK from the EU. This is a fact.

"We can ensure that we take control of our own destiny on Thursday. Don’t expect another chance from the ruling elites who have been petrified by the strength of feeling by people wanting to take control of their own country.

 "Let 23rd June be our independence day. Vote Leave and take control."