Nigel welcomes Conservative NHS plans

Nigel welcomed the recent speech by David Cameron on the Conservatives plan for the NHS.

In his first major speech since the election the Prime Minister said, 

“They said we would cut the NHS. We haven’t and we won’t. Today there are over 9,400 more doctors and over 7,700 more nurses treating more people better than ever before.

In fact, we increased spending in real terms every year in the last Parliament, and we’ll increase it in real terms every year in this Parliament too, rising to at least an extra £8 billion a year by 2020.

I don’t underestimate the scale of the challenge in making all this happen.

But just as we came together as nation to create the National Health Service nearly 70 years ago, so I believe that together – by sticking to the plan – we can become the first country in the world to deliver a truly 7-day NHS.”

Speaking from Westminster this morning Mr Evans said,

“I welcome the comments made by the Prime Minster. We have the plan to fund the health service for the future and will pay for it by continuing to deliver a growing economy. 

We have some fantastic NHS services in the Ribble Valley, including the recent opening of the brand new £7.8 million Clitheroe Community Hospital. I am fully committed to fighting for the services and funding the Ribble Valley needs to ensure that the NHS services in our area continue to perform well. It is vital that the entire health service is well funded and the plans announced by the Prime Minister will ensure this.”