Nigel welcomed today’s fall in unemployment

Nigel welcomed today’s fall in unemployment and hosted a meeting of the North-West Conservative MPs group, which was addressed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, to discuss economic growth and development in the North West. 

The latest unemployment figures showed a quarterly drop in unemployment of 154,000 with unemployment at its lowest level since 2008. The figures released today by the Office of National Statistics also showed that the total rate of employment is within 0.2% of its all-time high and this month showed the 23rd successive monthly reduction in Job Seekers Allowance claims. 

Speaking after the meeting Mr Evans said, “This morning was a fantastic opportunity for North West Conservative MPs to discuss not only employment but a whole range of economic issues with the Chancellor. These range from further infrastructure investment in the region to the role of the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership and the aerospace industry. The announcement today of the drop in unemployment is another example that the Government’s long term economic plan is working.

I also had the opportunity to personally congratulate the Chancellor on the tax measures announced at Conservative Party Conference, namely the increase in the Personal Tax Allowance to £12,500 and the raising of the 40p band threshold to £50,000, and to praise the statement made by the Prime Minister which raised the prospect of a cut to inheritance tax so it is only paid by the ‘very wealthy’. This tax already has an impact on many families in the Ribble Valley who are by no means rich and I would congratulate any measure to cut it.”