Nigel supports send all my friends to school campaign

Nigel has today displayed his upmost support for the Send All My Friends to School campaign, which aims to provide primary education for all children across the globe. After receiving several requests for help from pupils of St James’ C.E. Primary School in Clitheroe and Longridge High School amongst others, Mr Evans has urged even further progress to occur and calls for the 180 countries involved with the creation of the Millennium Development Goals in 2000 to provide learning facilities for the last 57 million children without primary education.

Speaking from the Ribble Valley, Mr Evans has praised the children who wrote to him for their commitment to supporting this campaign. He said; “I am delighted with the amount of effort and support shown by these pupils to raise awareness for the Send All My Friends to School campaign. I sincerely believe that the Global Campaign for Education and the Government need to look seriously at this issue again in order to provide all children with an education regardless of gender, disability or language spoken.”