Nigel supports The Kennel Club’s ‘Chip it, Check it'

Nigel has today supported The Kennel Club’s ‘Chip it, Check it’ campaign to save thousands of dogs in the UK each year through microchipping. The Kennel Club is the UK’s largest dedicated to dog welfare, has said that by microchipping dogs and keeping personal details up to date, thousands of otherwise doomed dogs could be identified and reunited with their owners instead of facing possible destruction in the pound. 

Speaking from Westminster this afternoon Mr Evans said, “I am more than happy to support this campaign which could potentially save the lives of thousands of dogs in the UK. Over 8,000 dogs are euthanized each because their owner cannot be found could be saved if dog owners ‘Chip it, Check it’, which I urge all dog owners to do. The Kennel Club make an important contribution to the protection of Britain’s favourite pet and speaking as the part-owner of a French bulldog I firmly believe in their campaign and the efforts being made by the Animal Welfare Minister Lord de Mauley to make microchipping compulsory.”