Nigel speaks in support of the Dairy Industry

Nigel yesterday spoke in Parliament in support of farmers in the Dairy Industry. 

Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate on the problems of milk price cuts by supermarkets Mr Evans said, ‘While most consumers would welcome being able to buy milk so cheaply, they simply do not want to do that on the back of the farmers who produce the milk. They would far prefer to see the supermarkets pay a decent price for the milk, and to pay a decent price for it themselves, than to get cheap milk on the backs of farmers.’

Speaking this morning from Westminster Mr Evans said, “Dairy farming is a crucial industry in this country and needs to be properly supported. I echo the comments of Simon Hart MP in the debate that if we are lucky we may need to see a doctor, an accountant or a lawyer once or twice a year, but we need a farmer three times a day. 

The dairy industry is particularly important for rural constituencies like the Ribble Valley as it provides employment to local people and is important to the local economy. I was pleased with the debate yesterday, which showed that there exists support for the dairy industry across the country and I would welcome any Government action which would ease the burden on farmers and those employed within the industry.”