Nigel speaks out against food wastage

Nigel today spoke in the House of Commons on the announcement that Tesco is to expand its investment in a scheme giving unsold food to charity. 

Chief Executive Dave Lewis made the announcement that 10 of the retailer’s stores are to take part in a trial of the scheme after admitting that over 30,000 tonnes of edible food was sent for use as animal feed.

“This is potentially the biggest single step we have taken to cut food waste, and we hope it marks the start of eliminating the need to throw away edible food in our stores.”

In the House of Commons Mr Evans said,

‘There are few more shocking or grotesque practices than supermarkets throwing away 50 million tonnes of food as waste every year. Today, the chief executive officer of Tesco, Dave Lewis, has announced that Tesco will stop this practice and ensure that the food goes to charity. 

Will the Leader of the House arrange for a Minister to clarify what is being done to ensure that, if Tesco can do it, all the other supermarkets can do it so that this grotesque practice can be stopped, and to ensure that if they refuse to do it, we will consider bringing in legislation, as has happened in other countries?’

Leader of the House Chris Grayling responded’

‘He is, of course, absolutely right: it is inexplicable and indefensible that good food should be thrown away. He is absolutely right, too, that the step taken today is a positive one. I will ensure that my colleagues in the Cabinet Office are made aware of what he said.”

Speaking after the debate Mr Evans said,

“I welcome both the announcement by Tesco and the recognition by the Government that this scheme is an excellent idea. I hope that other supermarkets will follow suit and do their bit to help some of the neediest in our society.”