Nigel requests debate on Alzheimer’s

Nigel Evans today asked the Rt Hon Andrew Lansley MP, Leader of the House of Commons, for a debate on Alzheimer’s.

Speaking in Business Questions to the Leader of the House, the exchange was as follows:

Mr Nigel Evans (Ribble Valley):

Some 44 million people worldwide suffer with Alzheimer’s disease and it is estimated that the number will treble by 2050. May we have a debate on dementia to see what more we can do to help carers, those who have a loved one suffering with Alzheimer’s, and research and development in order to give hope to people suffering with Alzheimer’s?

Mr Lansley: 

Members across the House will share with my hon. Friend a sense of the importance that we attach to making further progress in the research into the causes of dementia and its treatment, and the way in which we as a society respond to those with dementia. I was very pleased that the Backbench Business Committee was able to schedule a debate before the G8 summit next Wednesday. I hope that with the progress we are making in research on dementia and its treatment, there may be further opportunities in the new year.

Speaking after leaving the Chamber, Mr Evans said:

“I do believe that it is incredibly important to have a long term approach to tackling Alzheimer’s and dementia. It does affect so many people, their families and carers and I hope that we are able to do more to help them.”