Nigel raises the refurbishment of the White Bull pub in Gisburn in the Commons

 Nigel Evans yesterday addressed the issue of the refurbishment of the White Bull pub in Gisburn in the House of Commons chamber, which has been put on hold due to its nature as a listed building.

 Speaking to Brandon Lewis MP, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State leading on community pubs at the Department for Communities and Local Government, Mr Evans said ‘In 1992, there were four pubs in the village of Gisburn and we are now down to one. Sadly, it closed a few months ago. The Star brewery wants to reopen the pub and more than 20 residents of Gisburn are very keen to see it reopen, but it is a listed building and there seems to be stalling of some sort by the local authority. Will the Minister encourage local authorities and brewers to work together to look for compromises in order to ensure that local communities have the very heart of the community – their local pub – reopened?’

Speaking from Westminster after the debate Mr Evans said’ “I firmly believe that pubs are central the vibrancy of rural communities and I would welcome any action that will facilitate the re-opening of the pub. It is important that historic buildings are maintained and cared for but it is a ludicrous situation that buildings can be standing idle when there is a will within the community for them to be put to good use.”