Nigel raises importance of diabetic care in Commons

Nigel today spoke in the House of Commons on the 135 diabetes related limb amputations that happen every week across the UK.

Speaking to the Leader of the House Chris Grayling, Mr Evans said,

‘Yesterday I went to the Diabetes UK lobby, where I met a brave triple amputee, along with two of my constituents who live with diabetes. One of them gave me the Daily Mirror, which reports that 135 amputations are taking place every week. We have found ourselves in an appalling situation, and it is only going to get worse with the obesity time bomb that is about to hit us. Is it possible to have a statement as early as possible from a Health Minister on exactly what the Government intend to do to tackle this appalling tragedy?’

Mr Grayling said,

‘I am pleased that we are the first Government, I think, in one of very few countries—if there are any others—to have a national strategy to address the issue. The Health Secretary takes the issue very seriously, and I will make sure that he is aware of my hon. Friend’s concerns so that when my right hon. Friend is next in the House he can provide an update about the work he is doing in that important area.’

Speaking after the debate Mr Evans said,

“Whilst I welcome this Government’s introduction of a national strategy to tackle diabetes it is clear that more must be done in several areas. Patient education needs to be improved as people with diabetes are 30 times more likely to undergo an amputation than those without. There are approximately 20,000 people in East Lancashire with diabetes, with around 1 amputation a week. I am committed to campaigning for better education, support and care for those with diabetes.”