Nigel praises the PM's proposal to cut income tax

Nigel has today praised the article written by David Cameron in today’s edition of The Times newspaper. The Prime Minister talked of the practical benefits of Conservative Party proposals to cut income taxes and also wrote of his belief that governments have a moral duty to cut taxes.

In the article the Prime Minister said, ‘Historically there have been all sorts of mechanisms that governments have developed to help people to enjoy a higher standard of living, from fixed prices to complicated benefit schemes. For me, the simplest way to help with living standards is this: allow people to take home more of their own money… Every pound of public money started as private earning.’

Speaking from Westminster this morning Mr Evans said, “I cannot associate myself enough with the remarks of the Prime Minister this morning. It is one of my core beliefs, and one of the core beliefs of the Conservative Party, that people should be able to take home more of their own money and choose to spend it as they wish, rather than the state taking a larger and larger portion, and being profligate in how it is spent. 

This Government has taken 3 million people out of tax altogether and cut taxes for 26 million people, despite having to take difficult decisions on public spending. In the next Parliament we will do even more, pledging to raise the income tax threshold up to £12,500 which will take a further 1 million out of tax and raise the 40p band threshold to £50,000. I have argued for lower taxes my entire political career and will continue to do so.

The general election on 7th May next year is becoming a stark choice between a Labour party proposing more debt and higher taxes, and a Conservative party pledging to balance the books and lower taxes.”