Nigel to outline his objections to the planning application for Dilworth Lane, Longridge

Nigel has today contacted all members of the Ribble Valley Borough Council Planning Committee to outline his objections to the planning application for Dilworth Lane, Longridge.  

In his letter, Mr Evans said, “I am sure that I do not need to run you through my opposition to the over development of the Ribble Valley, or that I have campaigned extensively against overdevelopment during the entirety of this Parliament. I therefore wish to make some specific points about the application, which I implore you to oppose. 

This development does not conform with the Core Strategy, which is still with the Inspector and awaiting ratification and we already have the 5 year land supply assigned and therefore this development is not necessary. 

Taylor Wimpey have permission on the site of the old hospital in Whittingham, where there is permission for 650 homes, which was granted many years ago. Further development in the area will place a considerable amount of pressure on local infrastructure, with no guarantee that this will be improved before further houses are built. 

This point raises the very real question of the sustainability of the development on Dilworth Lane, even if it were to be passed then school places would be needed, more medical care would be needed and road improvements would be vital. 

Furthermore, the people of Longridge and the surrounding area are totally opposed to this development and feel that their concerns are being ignored. You only need to drive through Longridge to see ‘Save Longridge’ banners adorning the town. 

It is about time that the voices of local people were heard and present on these planning issues.”