Nigel meets Minister to discuss Autism in education

Nigel last week met with the Minister for Children and Families Edward Timpson MP to discuss the education of children with Autism and other Special Educational Needs in Lancashire. 

Mr Evans had been contacted by several of his constituents on this issue, who together had set up a charity called ‘KWDAE’, Kids with Autism Demand Education, to highlight the fact that children with autism are much more likely to have poor educational outcomes. 

Speaking after the meeting Mr Evans said, “I was pleased that the Minister was able to devote so much of his time to discussing this important issue. We discussed Lancashire County Council’s response to children with autism and the help and support they are giving to parents, as I am not the only Lancashire MP to have been contacted on this issue by concerned parents. 

I am satisfied that the Department are making every effort to improve the life chances of children with autism and that much good work has been done, but there does need to be more oversight of local authorities to ensure that children and parents are receiving enough support. However, that does not mean that there is lot more to be done and I will campaign on this important issue to ensure that every child with autism gets an education that is best for them.”