Nigel meets with Foreign Secretary

Nigel today met with the Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, at a meeting of the North-West group of Conservative MPs. The group, which Mr Evans chairs, discussed issues including the British response to the rise of Islamic State, the Ebola crisis in West Africa, the continued strained relations between Russia and the West and the health of the defence industry in Lancashire. 

Speaking after the meeting Mr Evans said, “I am grateful that the Foreign Secretary was able to devote so much of his time to address our group. We are living in increasingly uncertain times globally and it is therefore vital that Britain continues to engage with the world and maintains its seat at the top table of global politics. Our ability to have influence in the world directly impacts on how prosperous we are. We also had the opportunity to discuss Britain’s future with the European Union and the Foreign Secretary was able to reiterate the Conservative Party’s commitment to hold an in-out referendum on our membership in 2017.”