Nigel fully supports the Conservative Party’s 2015 General Election campaign

Nigel has today spoken in support of the launch of the Conservative Party’s 2015 General Election campaign. The Prime Minister launched a new Conservative campaign poster at the weekend urging the electorate to ‘stay on the road to a stronger economy’ and today 5 senior Conservative Ministers, including George Osborne, William Hague and Theresa May, spoke out against unfunded spending pledges by the Labour party, with the Chancellor framing the election choice as “competence or chaos” on the economy. 

Speaking from Westminster this morning Mr Evans said, “This Government took office in the middle of the biggest economic crisis we have faced since the Second World War, inheriting the largest budget deficit in our peacetime history. It is only now that voters are beginning to feel the rewards of the difficult decisions this Government has made in dealing with the deficit whilst continuing to protect public services. 

The deficit is down by a half and the economy grew by 3% in 2014, but all of this would be at risk this May if the Labour Party were returned to office. The Labour front bench have announced over £20 billion of unfunded spending pledges, despite claiming economic competence. 

The economy has turned a corner and we are on the road back to prosperity, it is vital that we do not change course.”