Nigel Evans Welcomes Holmes Mill Project Opening

This weekend saw the opening of Holmes Mill; Clitheroe’s newest Food, Drink and Leisure hub which has been pioneered by local businessman James Warburton. Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley, has backed the move, citing the creation of up to 150 new jobs for local people and the boost for Ribble Valley tourism as the main reasons for his continued support for the project.

Nigel went on to say,

“I’m delighted that Holmes Mill has opened its doors to the Ribble Valley public, increasing the appeal of Clitheroe to tourists, whilst increasing opportunities to those without jobs. The Ribble Valley is already a close-knit community and this will only serve to increase this”.

The renovation of the grade II listed building, allows these benefits to be enjoyed without the spoiling of countryside, and offers a potential precedent for further brown-field site developments. In addition to this, the work undertaken has predominantly been done by local businesses and craftsmen, adding to the community spirit this project symbolises.

The decision to allow planning permission, followed the signing of a petition by over 1100 Ribble Valley citizens, showing the widespread support this project has around the constituency. The process of the building of the complex was threatened by Council planners, however such was the support for the project, the building of Holmes Mill was given the green light in March.

Holmes Mill will now look to expand the complex, through the additions of a hotel, gym and swimming pool. These additions are estimated to be completed by next year.