Nigel Evans says “no” more money for the EU

Nigel has today slammed EU proposals to raise the amount that Member states pay.

The Commission has published proposals to increase the 2014 contributions from members by 2.16 billion euros (£1.76bn) to cover increased costs for growth and jobs schemes, and help for Ukraine. It wants 4.73 billion euros (£3.85bn) in total but some will come from other sources including competition fines.

Mr Evans said:

“Simply put, enough is enough. The Prime Minister, Chancellor and the UK as a whole should just say “no” because Van Rompuy and the rest of the Commission still do not get it. Hard pressed families do not get the option of asking for more money and the EU should manage any additional spending pressures through the reallocation of existing funds within the agreed budget.

“What we need to see is a real terms reduction, as was achieved by the government at the last negotiations, to the amount that Member states are required to pay year on year. It is not right that taxpayers across the EU are now being asked for more.”