Nigel Evans Raises EU Immigration Concerns

Speaking from Westminster, Mr Evans said,

“There is undeniably an issue with migration into this country from the EU. Latest figures, released last month by the Office of National Statistics, show that net migration to the UK from the EU was 185 000. That means that the equivalent of three times the population of the Ribble Valley is added to the UK every year.

“We have no control over this issue which is governed by the European Union. The British Government can do nothing to stop any of the 500 million EU citizens from entering this country.”

“These out of control figures put excessive pressure on services such as hospitals, schools and roads. This pressure is being felt in the Ribble Valley, whether it is through an inability to make a GP appointment in time or through increased traffic on the roads.


“The current situation is untenable and the only way it can be stopped is if we, the British public, vote to leave the EU on the 23rd June. This should be a decision to be made by Britain, not technocrats in Brussels, and this will only happen if we break the shackles of the EU. Those who say otherwise are simply flying in the face of common sense.”