Nigel Evans MP: “The Irish backstop must go”

Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley, has echoed the words of the Prime Minister in calling for a full removal of the Irish backstop from any withdrawal deal with the EU. Boris Johnson has written to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, outlining the government’s commitment to securing a new deal before October 31st, one that removes the controversial ‘Irish backstop’.


Under Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement the Irish Backstop is intended as a temporary arrangement that would keep Northern Ireland inside the European Single Market until alternative trade agreements are agreed upon. However, critics argue that this arrangement would separate the United Kingdom and ensure that EU continues to disrupt British sovereignty.


Commenting on Mr Johnson’s letter to the PM, Mr Evans said:


“I absolutely stand by Boris’ words in the letter he penned to Donald Tusk today. The Withdrawal Agreement drawn up by the previous PM was rejected three times on the very basis of the Irish Backstop, it is undemocratic and threatens the Good Friday Agreement.

“As a sovereign nation we can leave any institution we wish, whether that be the EU, NATO or the UN, but by agreeing to the Irish backstop we would be entering something from which we could not unilaterally leave. This causes major problems for our sovereignty and would effectively ensure that Brussels continues to have a tight grip over the UK.

“I fully endorse Boris’ firm words to Mr Tusk. I suggest the European Union listens carefully and begins to talk seriously about the prospects of reopening the negotiations to allow for a new withdrawal agreement that removes the Irish backstop.”


The Prime Minister sent the letter in advance of several meeting with EU leaders this week, including meetings with Angela Merkel and President Macron. On Saturday he will travel to Biarritz for the G7 summit of world leaders.


Click below to read the full text of the Prime Minister's letter to Donald Tusk


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