Nigel Evans calls for swift action on UK flooding inquiry

Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley has called for action on the inquiry looking into flooding in the UK. Nigel is still concerned about the impact of flooding on Ribble Valley from last year, and the risk of severe flooding reoccurring. Nigel stated:

“It is important that the inquiry into preventing flooding goes forward so that a disaster like this never happens again.”

The inquiry into UK flooding has been delayed even as flooding, albeit less severe, has continue to occur in the area. The Government report by the National Flood Resilience Review, led by Oliver Letwin, has been delayed. Created after Storm Desmond, the report will review how the UK can be prepared for future flooding and other severe weather. The report will look at four areas: updating climate modelling and testing the UK’s resilience to flooding, reviewing the resilience of important infrastructure, looking at the temporary defences against floods and other weather events, and at future investments in our country’s flood prevention strategy.

With only temporary defences against flooding in many parts of the Ribble Valley, a review couldn’t come quickly enough. Nigel has commented:

“We need to improve our strategy for what to do when we expect severe flooding in our area. This review could greatly improve our response in the future. Vast sections of the Ribble Valley are still at risk of flooding, yet there is no plan in place to prevent this disaster from occurring again.”

As for the community, Nigel would like to thank them again:

“It was inspiring to see the spirit of the community, how everyone came together after the disaster. I would also like to thank the various relief efforts for helping the people of Ribble Valley to recover from the flood last year. I know these same people would be on hand to help again if the situation called for it, but that shouldn’t be necessary.”

Nigel looks forward to the report finally being released and the Government action on the inquiry to prevent flooding, and the homes and businesses of Ribble Valley finally coming back from the damage caused by the flooding.