Nigel Evans asks PM to make the Ribble Valley “even happier”

Nigel Evans, MP for the Ribble Valley, took the opportunity at Prime Minister’s question time this afternoon to quiz the Prime Minister on rural services and funding.


Speaking from the chamber, Mr Evans said:

“Prime Minister, the Guardian newspaper last week reported that the largest number of the happy people live in the Ribble Valley, and I believe that you have the capacity to make them even happier. Will you ensure that of the 153 extra police that are coming to Lancashire that the Ribble Valley gets its fair share; that we get our fair share of rural funding for health services like Slaidburn health centre; and we get equal funding per pupil in our schools.

“And finally, will he ensure that for the 57% who voted Brexit, and for the almost 100% who believe in democracy, that after the general election when he is Prime Minister he will deliver the Brexit people voted for?”


The Prime Minister replied:

“Mr Speaker, I can certainly give him an assurance on the second point, and the only way to deliver a great Brexit is to vote for this party and for this government. And I can make him even happier still by pointing out that the 153 [police officers] is just the first wave for Ribble Valley as part of the 20,000 more police that we will be putting on the streets of this country.”