Nigel congratulates Robert Jenrick on his victory in the Newark by-election

Nigel has today congratulated Robert Jenrick on his victory in the Newark by-election, holding the seat for the Conservative Party. Mr Jenrick won the seat by a margin of over 7,000 votes over UKIP, with Labour placing third and the Lib Dems in sixth.

Speaking this morning Mr Evans said, “I think that Robert fought a strong campaign and I look forward to working with him in Westminster over the coming years. This result has shown that the Conservatives are in a strong position heading towards next year’s general election with Robert delivering the first by-election win under a Conservative government for 25 years. It is also clear from this result that the British people are looking at Ed Miliband and the Labour Party and are not seeing an alternative Government. They are instead seeing a Labour Party which has no plan for the economy and is merely offering a 1970s style statist approach to the problems this country faces. 

The Conservatives are the only party offering a long term economic plan which will deliver growth, tax cuts and jobs for the Ribble Valley and the rest of the country. Our long term economic plan is already delivering success in areas like the Ribble Valley, with the unemployment rate at well under half the national average according to the Office of National Statistics last month. While there is still a long way to go I am confident that we will be able to repeat our electoral success in Newark on a national scale.”