Nigel calls for Blatter's resignation

Nigel yesterday spoke in the House of Commons on the recent corruption scandal implicating senior FIFA officials, and the future of its president Sepp Blatter. 

Mr Evans spoke several days after Mr Blatter was re-elected to serve a fifth five-year term at the head of FIFA, despite serious opposition from many European countries, concerns from major corporate sponsors and an ongoing US judicial investigation.

Speaking in the House of Commons Mr Evans said, 

‘Will the Secretary of State make absolutely certain that, with this “cling-on” in charge of FIFA, the sponsors will know that their names will be associated not with the beautiful game, but with a corrupt and discredited organisation?’

With Culture Secretary John Whittingdale replying,

‘My hon. Friend is absolutely right to focus on the sponsors as one of the ways we can best exert pressure on FIFA to make change. The sponsors are paying a huge amount of money because they want to be associated with this game, which is popular and loved by so many around the world. If it becomes clear that FIFA is instead identified with corruption and sleaze, it must be for them to consider very carefully whether they still wish to be associated with it.’

Speaking after the debate Mr Evans said,

“FIFA have lurched from crisis to crisis in recent years and it is high time that Sepp Blatter stood down for the good of the sport he claims to love. The reputation of FIFA is extremely damaged and will take some considerable time to be repaired. For people all across the world to regain confidence in its decision making, a complete overhaul of its structure and personnel is required and I fully associate myself with the Prime Minister’s call for Sepp Blatter’s resignation.”