Nigel asks the PM to support North West Air Ambulance service

Nigel spoke today in the House of Commons, asking the Prime Minister for his support for the North West Air Ambulance service.

In the chamber Mr Evans said, ‘North West Air Ambulance has three helicopters and has flown thousands of missions since 1999, one of which saved the life of a friend of mine after a horrific car crash on the M6. The service costs £4.2 million a year to run. There are 27 such air services throughout the whole of the United Kingdom, and one of them may soon become a royal air ambulance service. Will my right hon. Friend pay tribute to those who man the helicopters, saving lives throughout the country, and heap praise on the thousands of people who raise funds every week on wet street corners throughout the United Kingdom to ensure that the helicopters carry on flying and saving lives?’

To which the Prime Minister responded, ‘My hon. Friend is right. Our air ambulances provide an invaluable service and we should all pay tribute to the men and women who staff and support them, who often have to undertake very difficult landings and take-offs in order to rescue and get people to hospitals. It is right that up and down the country people are giving charitably in order to fund these vital services.’

Speaking from Westminster after the debate Mr Evans said, “I was delighted to attend an event in the Ribble Valley last Saturday in aid of the North West Air Ambulance and am greatly encouraged by the response I received from the Prime Minister today. As I said this afternoon, the service does vital work across the North West and I strongly believe that we should do all we can to help it continue to provide a lifesaving service, as it has done for the past 15 years.”