English Votes for English Laws

Nigel has today backed the statement of Commons Leader William Hague that legislation affecting just England should only be passed "with the consent of the majority" of English MPs, otherwise known as English Votes for English Laws.

The options announced by Mr Hague in a Commons statement include three Conservative proposals and one Lib Dem suggestion. They are: 

• Barring Scottish and Northern Irish MPs from any role in English and Welsh bills and limiting England-only bills to English MPs

• Allowing only English MPs, to consider relevant bills during their committee and report stages

• Allowing only English MPs to consider relevant bills at committee stage and giving them an effective veto in a separate vote               before their third reading

• A separate Lib Dem plan to establish a grand committee of English MPs 

Speaking this morning Mr Evans said “It is unfair that Scottish MPs should currently help decide how things such as schools and the health service are run in England when English MPs have no such say over how they are run in Scotland. The devolution settlement has unfairly impacted on England. I am not arguing against the rights and powers of the Scottish Parliament, I am simply stating that the time is right for the people of England to receive a fair slice of the devolution pie.”