Keeping unemployment down

The rate of unemployment in Ribble Valley is just 1%. That puts it in the top 10% of constituencies for low unemployment and demonstrates the success of local businesses in our area.

Nationally there are 1.9 million more people in work since 2010 and 760,000 more businesses. That’s 1.9 million more people with the security of a regular pay packet and means that Britain is creating jobs faster than any other developed country. 

Creating an environment that will allow business to flourish is one of the primary tasks of any Government and with policies such as cutting the jobs tax, scrapping it altogether for under-21s and investing in better infrastructure, this Government has done just that.

We have some fantastic small, medium and large businesses in Ribble Valley that have been able to grown, invest and create jobs thanks to the policies of this Government. I am fully committed to supporting local business and campaigning for business friendly policies on a national scale.